Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keeping up with my Photo Library, and Aperture 3 (part 2)

What I want from my tools and my process.

Being an enthusiast I want a robust process with consumer tools that offers full capability and full protection.

My most demanding requirement is portability. I want to work on, view, find, share, and update my photos from anywhere. I don't work at a desk, I work around the house and on travel.

Secondly I want my entire library easily accessible. Not necessarily on the road but definitely around the house. When someone asks if I have images of something or I want to find a specific picture it needs to be relatively quick.

Third, I want full redundancy and disaster protection. These aren't commercially valuable pictures, they are my irreplaceable record of my kids and family.

Fourth, I prefer to edit with Capture NX2 directly on my raw files.

So, I identified the following requirements of my tools and process:
  • Must be able to work off of my laptop.
  • Organization software must work well with USB storage.
  • Organization software must be able to tolerate editing with Capture NX2 on raw files.
  • Must be able to sort and view my entire library even if my USB storage is disconnected.
    • (or at least don't loose the data.)
  • Be able to add more images to my iPad even when the USB drive is not attached.
  • Have always two copies of my images on working active media (no DVD).
  • Have my entire library in two physically different locations on active media ( in case of flood or fire)
  • Be able to quickly organize and sort new images.
  • Minimize usage of the local disk.

Next, my organization and workflow.

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